best male masturbation aid for 56mm girth

I can tell you first hand that finding the best male masturbation aid for a 56mm girth can be challenging.​ Sure, there are a few options that come close, but the question really is: which one is right for you? I recently went on a mission to find out and wanted to share my journey with you.​

First up, I tried a vibrating butt plug.​ Now, I know the thought of something going up there is kinda weird, but the vibrations felt absolutely fantastic and I could really feel my girth coming into play.​ Plus, I was completely in control of the intensity.​ After a few minutes, I was really enjoying it and Penis Rings was completely relaxed.​

The next thing I tried was a stroker.​ This one was made specifically for girthier men, and I must say I was impressed by the real-feel material and tightly-packed grooves.​ Every stroke felt like I was getting tighter and tighter – like I could really grip around myself.​ I can honestly say that it was one of the best masturbation experiences I’ve ever had.​

Thirdly, I tried a cock sleeve.​ Now, this one was definitely the most advanced of all the options I tried.​ It had a few different surfaces and textures and, if you set it up correctly, you can really mimic a range of different sex dolls positions.​ Plus, the motor and vibration settings add an extra bit of flavor.​

Finally, I tried a masturbation cup.​ This was my favorite – it was designed specifically for girthy guys like me.​ You just insert yourself into the cup and it grips your girth perfectly.​ Plus, the suction created by the cup was intense.​ It felt like I was getting even tighter as I went deeper.​

All in all, I found a number of great male masturbation aids that are suitable for girthier men.​ My favorite was definitely the masturbation cup, but if you like something a bit more intense then I’d suggest trying out the vibrating butt plug or stroker.​ You’ll be amazed by the results.​