cute asian masturbate male

Wow, this topic takes me back to my college days! It was the late 90s and all of us were exposed to cute Asian guys who were in the same college as us.​ We had never seen anyone like them before and it was a very unique experience.​

They were all very shy and reserved and rarely spoke to anyone.​ But a few of them were quite open and we got to know them quite well.​ We soon found out that while all of us were having fun with our girlfriends, the Asian guys were not.​

The main topic of our conversations eventually turned to masturbation! They all admitted to doing it regularly.​ Of course, none of us wanted to share our stories but they were happy to share theirs.​

They said that for vibrators them, masturbating was a way to escape the stress of college.​ It was a safe way to explore their fantasies and find emotional release.​ And because they were so cute, some of us started to feel quite envious.​

We imagined what it would be like to feel those cute Asian guys inside us while we self pleasured.​ We could only imagine the delicately soft skin of an Asian male against our body.​ And it sent a shiver up our spine!

It was like a forbidden fantasy we all had but could never dare to explore.​ We discussed it all the time, often adding our own imaginative fantasies.​ We vividly imagined what it would feel like to have sex with an Asian male.​

The realistic conversations brought us to an even more vivid imagination.​ We started to imagine what it would be like to have an Asian as our lover.​ We imagined the intense sensuality that could fill the air, with us begging for more and more pleasure.​

We also imagined the physical touch of an Asian guy.​ We thought of smooth and silky skin, and the slightly exotic aroma that they might have.​ We imagined us being held in their arms and Penis Rings kissed passionately.​

We liked to imagine that these cute Asian guys felt the same about our fantasies.​ We liked to think of them as being disgusted to be with us, but unable to resist.​ We imagined all kinds of fantasies of being in their arms and letting them take the lead.​

But, alas, we knew these fantasies were never going to be fulfilled as most of a them had closed themselves off.​ We saw them disappear into their rooms and rarely came out.​ We started to wonder if they were doing something in there.​ That’s when we started to ponder about cute Asian guys masturbating.​

We knew they would never act on their fantasies in the outside world, so the only thing they could do was to explore themselves inside their rooms, in secret.​ Probably, while we fantasized about them, they were doing the same about us.​

And there was a slight feeling of shame in all of it.​ We knew that what they were doing was probably wrong, according to some religions and people.​ But at the same time, it remained intriguing to think of those cute Asian males finding release in self-pleasure.​