feelingirl replacement sleeve male masturbator

I recently tried out the Feeldoe Replacement Sleeve Male Masturbator, and all I can say is, “Wow”! It was totally awesome and exceeded all my expectations.​ The experience was completely different from other masturbators I’ve used in the past.​

First off, the materials used to make it were top notch.​ It felt totally luxurious and soft.​ The inside was made of a material that’s close to real skin, which made it feel incredibly realistic.​ It was also really flexible, yet it didn’t stretch out—so it stayed in shape and felt great throughout.​

The thing I loved the most was the design.​ Instead of simply mimicking a vagina or an anus, like other masturbators do, this one imitated a real penis.​ It had a bulbous head with a life-like texture, and it even had veins and hairs that looked amazingly realistic.​ It was like it was a real Penis Rings, but on a toy.​

But the real kicker was the suction.​ As soon as I put it on, it clenched around me.​ Most other masturbators I’ve used just had a circular opening that created a uniform sensation, but this one was totally different.​ The shape around my Penis Rings seemed almost alive.​ It moved with my every thrust and seemed to intensify with each one.​

Also, one cool feature was that you can customize the tightness of the sleeve.​ You can increase or decrease the suction depending on what feels best for you.​ This means you can target different sensations throughout your session and have a more intense build up of pleasure toward the end.​

I had some great orgasms using the Feeldoe Replacement Sleeve Male Masturbator, and I can’t wait to use it again.​ I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a top-of-the-line masturbator or a great way to spice up solo or partner play.​ All in all, it’s a great toy and well worth the money.​

Beyond the physical experience, I noticed the emotional effects too.​ I found myself able to really focus in on my pleasure and allowed my mind to empty of other thoughts.​ I was able to tap into deeper parts of myself and really explore whatever turned me on.​

I think the most incredible thing about the Feeldoe Replacement Sleeve Male Masturbator is its ability to make me feel totally connected to my own pleasure.​ I had the opportunity to experience and explore my own arousal in a way I never had before.​ My orgasms felt like waves of pleasure washing over me.​

The texture was incredible too.​ Soft and natural.​ It obviously wasn’t the same as having real skin to skin contact, but it was pretty darn close.​ Even the veins offered amazing sensation when I slid back and forth.​ I could feel myself getting more aroused with each stroke.​

The nice thing was the varying levels of sensation I could experience.​ If I wanted a light and gentle touch, I could go with a slow pace.​ If I wanted it rougher, I could increase my thrusts and let the sleeve work its magic on me.​ Either way I was getting exactly what I wanted.​

I was so blown away that I decided to buy some extra sleeves for when it wears out.​ Fortunately, the makers of Feeldoe Replacement Sleeve Male Masturbator always offer discounts on bundle packages, so it was a good time to stock up.​ Overall, I’m extremely satisfied and would definitely recommend giving it a try.​