I can remember when I first encountered the concept of “less wrong male masturbation”.​ I was caught off guard – in part because I’d never heard of the term before, and partly because the idea of a more mindful approach to self-pleasure was intriguing to me.​ I’d always viewed masturbation as something to be done quickly and without much thought – so the idea of incorporating mindfulness and deliberateness into the process intrigued me.​

I started to explore the concept more deeply and I found that it was about so much more than just masturbation.​ It was about taking a step back and thinking carefully about the choices – and consequences – involved with self-pleasure.​ I quickly realized that it was much more than a physical experience – it was an emotional, psychological, and spiritual journey as well.​

I began to see self-pleasure as something not just to enjoy, but also to explore.​ As I began to delve deeper, I uncovered many of the cultural taboos and misconceptions around masturbation.​ Through this exploration, I learned that self-pleasure is not always a “dirty” or “shameful” thing – but rather, a beautiful way of connecting with yourself in a safe and positive way.​

I also discovered the importance of taking your time and savoring the sensations of pleasure – instead of trying to rush to the finish line.​ Taking my time gave me an appreciation for the subtle nuances of pleasure – the taste, the scent, the texture, the sensations that can make the experience so much more vivid and powerful.​

By shifting my perspective through less wrong male masturbation, I was able to give myself permission to explore my own pleasure without guilt or shame.​ This enabled me to connect more deeply with my body and to develop a much stronger connection with myself than I had ever had before.​

I began to experiment with different techniques and positions, and I found that it gave me a greater level of control over pleasure.​ I was able to explore new sensations and discover what works best for me.​ Slowly but surely, I began to experience pleasure on a new level and find a new level of delight in self-pleasure.​

I started incorporating more tools and toys into my self-pleasure practice as well.​ I found that sex toys can really open up many possibilities for pleasure and exploration.​ I experimented with different materials, shapes, and sizes, and I found that the sensation of different toys on my skin was incredibly enjoyable.​

As I explored more and more, I found that self-pleasure could be a practice for self-love and self-care.​ By taking the time to truly explore my body and its pleasure potential, sex dolls I was able to give myself a much-needed boost in confidence and self-esteem.​ Self-pleasure became a way for me to nurture and honor myself in a way that I had never experienced before.​

I developed a much deeper appreciation and understanding of my body, and I learned to embrace and savor the pleasure I experienced.​ I also found that I could bring mindfulness and intention to the practice, and use it as a way to explore and connect with myself on a much deeper level.​ This was a huge step forward for me and has helped me to cultivate more self-love and acceptance than ever before.​