I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the latest doughnut craze sweeping the nation.​ A penis pump doughnut?! I hadn’t seen anything like it before.​

At first, I thought it was a joke, but whenI went to my local bakery down the street, vibrators sure enough there it was, sitting in the window next to all the other doughnuts.​ Immediately I was a bit embarrassed and kind of horrified too, but I was very curious so I decided to try one out.​

As I tucked into it, the taste didn’t disappoint.​ The doughnut was soft, sweet and melt in my mouth delicious.​ On the outside, it was firm and crunchy, while the inside was filled with a creamy and delicious filling – not too sweet, and not too overpowering.​ I felt like I was eating a real doughnut with an added taste of something exotic.​

The more I ate, the more I realised that there was something special about this doughnut.​ For example, the sheer size of it; the fact that it was in a penis pump shape was something that I had never seen before!

In fact, I couldn’t help but think that this doughnut was more than just a tasty treat; it had a purpose beyond the mere pleasure of the taste.​ It was also a great conversation starter and sure enough, the more I talked about it with friends, the more we all started giggling and joking about it.​

Everyone wanted to try one for themselves and we were soon planning a trip to the bakery.​ However, when we got there, the doughnuts had all sold out! After a few frantic phone calls to the baker, we had a confirmation that the penis pump doughnuts would be back in a week.​ Phew!

I was excited to try the next batch and I started looking forward to bringing these penis pump doughnuts to our next party.​ They would surely be the topic of conversation when we get together and everyone wants to try one and take a picture of it.​

The penis pump doughnuts were like an icebreaker between all of us.​ We started joking around and telling stories about our experiences.​ Even the shyest person in the group was laughing and joining in the conversation, all thanks to the doughnuts.​

By the end of the night, we’d talked about all kinds of topics from politics to relationships and even our childhoods.​ It felt like the doughnuts had changed the mood of the evening.​

When I got home, I was ecstatic and I already had a feeling that this would become a regular regular occurrence every week.​ This new penis pump doughnut craze was driving me and my friends crazy with curiosity and excitement, and I couldn’t wait to see what the next batch would bring.​

In the following weeks, the penis pump doughnut trend spread across the internet like wildfire.​ Everyone was talking about it and I found myself ordering dozens of them.​ Friends and family wanted to try them too and I was happy to supply them.​

As time went on, I started to wonder what it was about this doughnut that was so special.​ I asked around and came to the conclusion that it was the shape that made it so unique.​

This doughnut was a sort of symbol, a way of expressing oneself without having to say anything.​ It was a statement that said “I’m comfortable in my own skin and I’m not afraid to express it.​”

It was a way of showing that there is no such thing as “normal” and that sometimes the most unexpected things can bring great joy and exchange of ideas.​

Plus, sex toys they were delicious! Every time I ate one, I knew I was participating in something special.​

My friends and I started experimenting with new recipes and filling ideas.​ We also began to explore the different designs and shapes that could be made with doughnuts.​ The baker we visited was happy to accommodate our requests.​

Soon enough, we were designing our own penis pump doughnuts, filling them with all sorts of tasty treats to create unique and delicious flavors.​ We started experimenting with different icing flavours and textures, and soon enough, we had created our own signature penis pump doughnuts.​

But this was not the end of the story.​ We soon became creative and started to make some truly outrageous and ostentatious penis pump doughnut designs.​ We found ourselves making penis pump doughnuts with coffee cream, peanut butter, jelly, sprinkles, different kinds of chocolate and much more!

The possibilities were endless and we soon found ourselves dreaming up even more outrageous and original designs.​ We also started experimenting with different types of dough recipes to get the perfect texture and flavour.​

For example, we created some savory penis pump doughnuts with bacon and cheese, as well as some sweet and creamy ones filled with luscious creams and preserves.​ We even made some vegan penis pump doughnuts for our vegan friends, and everyone loved them!

The penis pump doughnut craze was now in full swing and we were making them for every occasion.​ People even started using them as decorations for birthday cakes and special events.​ They were fun, unique and delicious and they were quickly becoming a hit!

The penis pump doughnut was now a part of my life, and I couldn’t be happier with it.​ I’ve even started making some for my own parties.​ Everyone loves them and I know I’ll be making them for years to come.​

As time passes, I think I’ve become a bit of an expert on penis pump doughnuts.​ I know which ingredients work best for both savory and sweet versions, what types of adornments look the best, and the best way to store them.​

I’ve also learned how to work with the dough without the dough sticking to my hands.​ I’ve also become skilled at experimenting with shapes, sizes and colors.​

In fact, I’ve become so proficient that I can even make penis pump doughnut shapes without using any doughnut molds or cutters!

I guess it just goes to show that anything is possible if you have passion and dedication.​ The penis pump doughnut is now my passion and I can’t imagine life without it.​

The diversity and creativity of the penis pump doughnut never ceases to amaze me.​ I love buying them at bakeries, trying out different vegan versions, making them for my friends and family and just admiring them in all their glory.​

The penis pump doughnut is truly a magnificent food to be enjoyed and I’m just so glad to be a part of it.​Brisbane man charged after sex dolls with child-like features found in his home | 7NEWS