It’s kind of bizarre how society shuns the idea of male masturbation.​ When a guy has a conversation with his friends about female masturbation and self-pleasure, it’s an expected topic of conversation.​ But when he brings up male masturbation and compression masturbation, it’s usually met with complete shock and maybe some awkward laughter.​ And yet, male compression masturbation is a viable and beneficial form of self-pleasure.​

For thousands of years, men have been using compression masturbation as a way to release pent-up sexual energy.​ It’s a totally safe and natural form of self-pleasure that doesn’t risk any nasty STDs from hook-ups or the prospect of a baby bomb.​ It doesn’t even require any bedroom materials like lubricants or sex toys.​ All you need is your hands and some self-control!

Now, let’s get into how it works: male compression masturbation consists of the male squeezing his penis between his thumb and index finger, just above the penile head, then tugging and stimulating the shaft of the penis.​ This pressure and stimulation causes a buildup of semen and ultimately, a more powerful orgasm.​

I tried it out recently and let me tell you, it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before! I found myself in a state of absolute euphoria; the sensations that racked my body were indescribable.​ I realized then that male compression masturbation is a completely viable way to experience pleasure for men.​

The best part about male compression masturbation? There’s no fear of judgment or shame! Unlike with other forms of self-pleasure like masturbating with sex toys or looking at pornography, with compression masturbation, all of the pleasure is contained within and experienced by you.​ It’s completely private – it’s nothing but a pleasurable secret between you and your penis.​

Aside from being private and discreet, male compression masturbation has the potential to be used as a form of self-discovery, learning what turns us on and directing our own pleasure.​ As long as we practice safe and careful sex techniques – regardless of our chosen partner – compression porn can be a positive form of self-love.​

In my opinion, male compression masturbation is a wonderful form of self-pleasure and exploration.​ It can be a powerful experience without the worry of coming across as naked and vulnerable in front of somebody else.​ It’s an explored activity that men can do without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.​

There are many benefits of male compression masturbation that I never knew existed until I tried it.​ It can increase soundness and self-awareness, as well as sexual pleasure.​ It also offers a form of safe and private pleasure with no risk of getting pregnant or catching an STD.​

Home-life can often be full of stress and intense emotions, that can be difficult to manage.​ That’s why I find male compression masturbation to be an enjoyable activity – it offers an outlet for all of these pent-up feelings and can be an effective way to reduce stress and tension.​ I’ve definitely found myself to be calmer and more relaxed after a session of male compression masturbation.​

I’m also convinced that an increased understanding and experience of self-pleasure through male compression masturbation can lead to a more enjoyable sex life with your partner.​ Having a better understanding of the way we like to be touched and the pleasure we receive from certain kinds of stimulation can be incredibly beneficial in a relationship.​

Another great aspect of male compression masturbation is the potential to expand our sense of sexual exploration.​ By engaging in self-pleasure on a regular basis, we can come to understand what kinds of stimulation bring us pleasure, and how we can ask for these kinds of experiences with partners.​

I’ve noticed a newfound sense of confidence in my intimate relationships.​ I now feel more comfortable communicating my needs with partners, as I have a better understanding of my body.​ Furthermore, it’s been incredibly empowering to explore my own pleasure, and to become more comfortable with the sexual version of myself.​

I think too often that we forget the importance of taking time for ourselves, to get to know our bodies and what we most enjoy.​ Male compression masturbation offers a wonderful opportunity to engage in self-pleasure and self-discovery.​ Whether it’s for stress relief, more confidence in the bedroom, or simply to explore our own pleasure, male compression masturbation can be very beneficial.​

So, if you’ve been considering it, I say go for it! What have you got to lose?