I’ve asked around a few of my mates about male masturbation poses and most of them don’t like to talk about it.​ I guess it’s a bit embarrassing for us! Personally, I’m not really sure what the best poses are.​ But, I have heard a few tips about mastering the art of self-love.​

First, I heard that the classic ‘lotion up’ is the best place to start.​ All you have to do is grab your favourite lube and massaging it onto your nether regions.​ It’s a great way to get started and it feels really amazing.​

Second, focus on stimulating yourself with one hand.​ This technique doesn’t require having too many hands to fiddle around with.​ Instead, it’s about focusing the stimulation from one hand, and barelyfingertip stimulating for the gently yet powerful orgasms that we crave.​

Third, use slow strokes.​ This will help you explore ways to achieve pleasure and help you become familiar with all your erogenous zones.​ Playing with pressure and speed can also lead to powerful orgasms.​

Fourth, use the air technique.​This is something I’ve tried a few times and it’s quite interesting.​ You just straddle some cushions, press your palms over your genitals, and use some deep, slow inhales and exhales.​ Pushing and pulling the air around your genitals will help you achieve some great sensations.​

Fifth, use a mirror.​ If you feel comfortable, you can use a mirror to see all your naughty bits.​ It can also help when it comes to exploring your erogenous zones and even those hard to reach areas.​

Sixth, add some toys.​ There are many sex toys available that are specifically designed for male masturbation.​ You can use them on yourself or your partner.​ Feel free to experiment and find what works for you.​

Finally, try some positions.​ This tip is more for guys that are looking for more adventurous masturbation experience.​ If you feel comfortable, you can try different positions, such as standing, laying on your stomach or even your back.​ There are many enjoyable positions you can explore.​

Compare Prices on Adult Sex Doll- Online Shopping\/Buy Low Price Adult Sex Doll at Factory Price ...Well, that’s all I have heard about male masturbation poses! As you can tell, there are many exciting poses to try.​ I’m sure there are numerous poses I haven’t tried, so I’m looking forward to exploring the possibilities.​ From lubing up to using sex dolls toys, there are just so many options to explore!

Another aspect of male masturbation poses that I’ve discovered through reading about the topic is that, the more mentally stimulating poses can make orgasms even more powerful.​ For example, if you imagine a sexual fantasy, or certain scenarios or people in your head when you masturbate, this can lead to much more intense orgasms.​

This has been a great little exercise for me personally.​ I’ve tested a few poses for myself and it has been really rewarding in terms of pleasure and also taught me how to become more familiar with my body.​ I’m now more aware of my erogenous zones and the different paths that can lead to an amazing orgasm.​

The interesting thing about these poses is that, they are all about experimentation.​ Male masturbation is completely individual.​ No two people are the same when it comes to what poses they enjoy and find pleasurable.​

Obviously, the different poses I’ve mentioned just need to be explored to find out what really works.​ For example, if I enjoy using my hand to stimulate myself, it could be worth playing with my two hands in different ways to see which I enjoy the most.​

Furthermore, if I’m really keen to experiment with different poses, I could try different velocities, rhythms and pressures.​ I could even find some new positions to test, either on my own or with a partner.​

There is no way to get bored with male masturbation poses.​ The more we explore, the more enjoyable the journey.​ From masturbating with lube to using sex toys and imagining different scenarios, there are just so many ways to pleasure oneself.​ I believe when it comes to self-love, we should always be open to trying out new things!