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Talking to a friend about male masturabation education and techniques is always a fun topic.​ For one, it brings a great deal of laughter when it’s discussed, as sometimes even the most mature guys don’t know how to properly finger themselves correctly.​ When I was younger, I was also on that boat, so what followed was many years of research and failed attempts.​

I remember trying different methods with my left and then my right hand, over and over again.​ For example, I would stroke the shaft in a circular motion, using all kinds of lubricants.​ But nothing seemed to give me the best outcome.​ I even tried Kegel exercises to no avail.​ It wasn’t until I invested in a sex dolls toy designed for male M that I was able to properly pleasure myself.​

The design was something special.​ It had a flexible shaft that allowed it to conform to my penis and give me the best sensation ever.​ With it, there was a slight tingling as I masturbated, and I loved it.​ I would start off slow and gradually increase the speed, and I knew I was doing something right when I started to feel a building sensation and then had an orgasm.​

In terms of technique, I recommend trying different ones to find one that is most suitable for you.​ Experimenting with different positions and strokes is the way to go.​ Find the style that feels best to you and stick to that one.​ And don’t forget that lube is your friend here, providing added slickness for a more pleasurable experience.​

Also, don’t forget to take your time and enjoy it.​ Masturbation shouldn’t feel like a race -take your time and start to explore your body.​ When it comes to male masturbation, patience truly is a virtue.​

Another tip that I would highly recommend is to use imagination.​ This can be done by bringing up images or fantasies in your mind to enhance the experience.​ I often do this while masturbating, and it really helps to bring me pleasure.​

In terms of toys, if you’re looking for something extra, there are vibrators, cock rings, and masturbation sleeves that provide extra stimulation.​ These are definitely worth trying out, but don’t feel obligated to use them.​ You can get perfectly good results from just using your hands.​

Finally, always take care of yourself after you are finished.​ Clean up and make sure to moisturize.​ Nobody likes to be all sticky and smelly.​

In conclusion, there are lots of different techniques to explore when it comes to the fine art of masturbation – don’t be afraid to experiment and find out what works best for you.​