male masturbation binding

It’s no secret that I have been into self-bondage for a few years now.​ It started when a friend introduced me to it and I was really surprised at how intense it could be! I remember the first time I tried it, I used ropes to bind my wrists and ankles together and then I just let the sensation take over.​ It was as if every nerve I had was on fire and I just had to stay still and enjoy the flow of energy the ropes created.​

I was hooked, it became one of my favorite ways of masturbating and I explored the different types of rope bindings I could do.​ I experimented with different materials, from cotton, to nylon, vibrators to leather.​ I soon learned that the intensity of the experience could be modified based on the type of rope, the design, and how tight I bound myself.​

I also learned that self-bondage could be combined with other sexual activities, such as watch pornography or using sex toys.​ This made it more fun and the sensations were even more intense! The combination of the ropes, the mental stimulation, and the intense sexual pleasure were just too good to ignore.​

At first I was hesitant to tell anyone about my love of self-bondage but once I opened up to some friends they were really supportive and curious about it.​ It felt good to know that I wasn’t alone in this and that there were others like me out there.​

Self-bondage has become a regular part of my own sex life and I’m sure it does for others as well.​ There is something liberating about being able to explore and experiment with a practice most people know nothing about.​ When I find myself in the binding, I’m in control, I’m in charge of how tight the rope should be and how I want to pleasure myself.​

The feeling of being completely restricted and in control of your own pleasure is just too good.​ Each time I do it, it’s like a re-energizing experience that just shifts my entire mood.​

Now that I’ve been practicing self-bondage for a few years, I can experiment and customize the experience to my liking.​ I love the fact that I can try different positions, the strength of the rope, or even incorporate other materials like a blindfold or gag.​ I’m always exploring and seeing what new experiences I can have.​

Self-bondage has become one of my favorite ways to masturbate and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something different and exciting.​ The key to self-bondage is to take it slowly and to make sure the ropes are not too tight.​ Be safe and have fun!