Masturbation is a buzzword that often causes faces to flush and awkward conversations to had.​ But when it comes to anal masturbation male, there’s a whole new level of taboo we’re dealing with.​ Let me start by saying that I think this type of exploration should be something celebrated, not hidden away.​ I firmly believe that every person has the right to explore their own pleasure – including through their booty!

One of the most liberating experiences I’ve encountered throughout my exploration of my own body is anal masturbation.​ I think it’s important to nurture yourself, explore yourself, and enjoy yourself.​ And learning to love our butt is one of those things we don’t often talk about; but should! I mean, butts are great!

Around 10 years ago, I got down and dirty with anal masturbation, and I must admit at first I was apprehensive.​ I thought to myself, “is it safe?”, “will it hurt?”, and “am I going to enjoy it?” But I decided to be brave and roll with it.​ I found the best way to ease tension was to relax and breathe.​ With plenty of lube and a few drops of patience, I slowly inserted my finger (make sure your nails are cut short and filed!), and let my imagination take me away.​ Once the finger was in, I learnt that gentle circles and slow taps with my wrist are the best ways to build pleasure.​

I then found out that you can use pretty much anything to experience pleasure from anal play – from dildos to plugs to vibrators.​ Of course, size does matter, just always remember, thumbs down for “too big” and thumbs up for “no bigger than 2 fingers wide”.​ Make sure you use plenty of lube! Over time, I learnt to continuously add more lube as I pushed my vibrator inside me, which allowed for easy insertion and felt fabulous.​

It’s important to note that you should never force anything into your butthole.​ If it’s not feeling right, it’s time to stop and re-evaluate if it’s what you want.​ As time has gone on, I’ve discovered more and more ways of pleasing myself using my bum.​

Let’s talk prostate: it’s this round, walnut-sized organ located about 3-4″ inches up the anal canal.​ Some people refer to it as the male g-spot, and it’s one of the most reliable ways to give yourself an orgasm.​ When you press the prostate, it can easily cause powerful orgasms that are way more pleasurable than penile stimulation alone.​ This is something that really took me by surprise.​ I must admit, I was incredibly reluctant and shy when it came to prostate stimulation at first; but now it’s something I can’t get enough of.​

When it comes to finding the prostate, I prefer to use a prostate massager as I find this to be one of the most effective tools.​ Make sure that the massager you’re using is comfy and fits like a glove in your butt hole.​ Taking it slow and using smooth circular motions did the trick for me and provided me with intense pleasure.​ You can also combine anal stimulation with other types of sexual play.​

There are so many ways to enjoy anal masturbation male.​ You can experiment with different angles and positions or try anal play alongside oral sex dolls.​ If you’re particularly frisky, you can see what happens when you add temperature play to your encounter.​ It’s a great way to heat things up!

Without a doubt, anal masturbation deserves an applause and an afternoon of celebration.​ Learning to love your butt can bring various waves of pleasure – from tingles to waves of orgasmic bliss.​ It just a matter of being brave and learning what feels good! If you’ve not explored anal play yet, give it a shot – and let your booty take you away.​