Masturbation – it’s a topic that can make some feel embarrassed, and others feel completely liberated.​ I’ve never been one to shy away from such controversial topics and neither should you.​ We all do it, and I think it’s wise to know exactly what to do for maximum pleasure.​

It wasn’t until recently that I realized just how much I didn’t know about male masturbation moves and the different types of sensations one can enjoy while doing it.​ Up until recently I thought there was just one way to go about it, but I soon learned that I was wrong.​ And boy, was I in for a treat!

I think the best way to go about enjoying your solo sex session without getting bored is by experimenting with different male masturbation moves.​ It’s honestly all about being creative and using your hands, lube and some toys to climax in unimaginable ways.​

One thing I noticed about these solo sex sessions is that introducing oil-based lubricants to the equation instantly adds an extra element of pleasure.​ I’m talking sensations that are tenfold when compared to plain old water-based lube.​ And combined with different masturbation techniques, you can quickly and easily become the master of your domain.​

The most important thing I need you to remember is to take your time – explore your body and don’t go out of your comfort zone if you don’t feel ready.​ Experiment with different pressure, intensity, and motion to find what works best for you.​

One of the best male masturbation techniques I recently tried is fantasy-based masturbation.​ It was incredible! By simply imagining the moment, ideas and scenes while touching yourself, you can really get the most out of your experience.​ I’ve been imagining some of my favorite people right now and it feels amazing.​

Another technique I’ve been trying out lately is called edging.​ It’s where you get yourself aroused and right before you’re about to orgasm, you repeat the process until you’ve finally let yourself go.​ Believe me, it is one of the best male masturbation experiences of all times.​

Sometimes I find that involving sex toys in my masturbation sessions can also really help to increase pleasure.​ From vibrators to Fleshlights and realistic genitals, there are so many toys out there to make your solo session even more enjoyable.​

When I’m in the mood for something more mind-blowing, sex dolls I reach for my showerhead and take a good ol’ fashioned hot shower with it.​ By lightly running it over my penis until I’m ready to let go, it feels like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.​

And lastly, there’s something I find really pleasurable and beneficial to my self-love sessions – spots of pleasure.​ Take the time to explore your body beyond your genitalia – run your fingertips over your stomach, chest, and down your sides to access feelings of pleasure you never knew you had before.​

If you’re looking for something new and stimulating to add to your masturbation routine, then I’d highly recommend trying out kegel exercises at the same time.​ This will help work your pelvic floor muscles and promote both mental and physical arousal, which can be a great way to reach levels of orgasms you’ve never experienced before.​

Another move I’ve been exploring is tantric masturbation.​ Not only does this sexual practice help to promote mindfulness and relaxation, it also helps to give you a more intense orgasm.​ Start by focusing on your breathing and slowly increase the speed and intensity until you’re ready to go.​

Finally, there is prostate massage.​ I know, it can sound a little intimidating – but believe me, it’s so worth the effort.​ Not only is it extremely pleasurable, but it can also be great for male health.​ It helps to improve blood circulation and allows for deeper orgasms.​

So, all in all, male masturbation moves come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s up to you to find what works best for you.​ Experiment, explore, and enjoy – and if you’re ever in need of some inspiration, just come back to this blog post and you’ll be sure to find it.​