my husband has to use a penis pump

When my husband told me he had to use a penis pump, I was completely blindsided.​ We’d been married a mere two months, I’d never heard of such a thing, and all of the questions flooded my mind.​ How? Why? How did this happen?

“It’s because of poor circulation,” my husband told me, trying to make light of the situation.​ I could hear the strain in his voice though, and I sympathized with him.​ We had never really experienced any degree of difficulty when it came to intimacy, and he had always been a giving partner.​ Now, he was terrified of not being able to perform.​

My first response was to suggest that we see a doctor.​ “No,” he said, “it’s just something I need to deal with.​ It’s embarrassing.​” I put my arm around him, trying to reassure him that we’d figure out a solution together, but he just slumped in my embrace.​ I kissed him softly on the forehead, and tried to stay positive.​

We decided the best thing to do was research penis pumps and find a safe and reliable one to use.​ We soon found out that these devices were used to help with impotency, but that they were also intended to help increase length and girth.​ We got to work searching for an appropriate pump and eventually realized that there was no one-size-fits-all option.​

My husband was particularly worried about “over-pumping”, a potential health hazard if the device is used incorrectly.​ We were fortunate to find a specialized store that was knowledgeable about the various protocols for hooking up and using the device correctly.​

My husband had a few questions about the process that had him feeling anxious, and the customer service staff was more than happy to help us.​ We got all the information we needed.​

My husband was still a bit shy talking about it, but as we researched more and went shopping together, he slowly opened up.​ We even joked about how embarrassing it was.​ It was still a challenging process, and he wasn’t totally comfortable with it yet.​

We practiced with his penis pump a few times, starting at the lowest setting, and eventually worked his way up to the highest.​ With each session we practiced, he became increasingly confident in himself and his new skills.​

He reported feeling improved performance during intimacy.​ He said that he could go longer, and was way more confident in himself.​ He was also enjoying the added looks he was getting from me when it was time to use his device.​

We found out about other ways to improve his circulation, like meditation, tai chi, yoga, and acupuncture.​ We also dabbled with supplements, talking to his doctor about which ones would be most beneficial.​

We started to see a big change in his sex dolls life and his overall performance.​ We were both pleasantly surprised and quite honestly, it was a relief.​

One of the most interesting discoveries during our journey was that penis pumps weren’t just used for men with circulation issues, but for those wanting to enlarge their penis permanently.​

We learned that there were a few precautions one needs to take before starting a penis enlargement regime, such as consulting with a doctor, doing a little research about the process, and investing in a top quality pump.​

Although the process of researching penis pumps was a bit jarring at first, it became an exciting part of our sexual journey.​ We both became more daring in our activities, and it made us appreciate each other even more.​

Now that we’ve become so comfortable talking about his penis pump, we’ve been looking into other enhancement devices like cock rings, jiggling eggs and vibrators.​ Those have opened up a whole new realm of experimentation for us.​

We both believe that using the penis pump has improved our sex life for the better, giving us a newfound sense of pleasure and confidence.​ I can see the joy in his eyes when I watch him indulge in the use of his device, and it definitely increases the amount of satisfaction I get out of our sexual activities.​

I know our journey with the penis pump hasn’t been easy, but it has been quite an eye-opening experience.​ From the research we’ve done, I’m impressed with the level of detail manufacturers go into when crafting a device intended to provide pleasure for its users.​

My husband and I have noticed a significant increase in our satisfaction with the use of his penis pump.​ We love trying different settings and exploring new techniques.​ Not only does the pump do its job, but it also helps us learn more about each other’s desires and fantasies.​

It’s amazing how these types of devices can bring so much pleasure into our life.​ We are grateful for our newfound knowledge and the feelings of satisfaction that come from using a penis pump.​ We look forward to continuing this journey together.​