penis pump atachments

Oh my gosh, there are so many attachments that can be used with penis pumps nowadays that you wouldn’t even believe it.​ I remember when I decided to get my first penis pump, I had no idea if there were any attachments available or not.​

You Don't NEED a FANCY $400 Penis PumpBut boy I was wrong, they offer a huge variety of attachments.​ I mean from silicone attachments that you can add on before the pumping, and then of course the specially designed pistons, gaskets, or even vacuums.​ I was really taken aback by all the digital tracking and pattern recognition technology that the pumps have today.​

It’s really amazing and overwhelming at the same time! I mean, one day I was just using the regular old cylinder and the next day it was like an advanced device that could track the progress of your individual parts!

The best part of these attachments is the fact that most of them come with a great range of different shapes and sizes to choose from.​ That way you can find the one that best fits you and get the most out of your penis pump usage.​ Not to mention that many of them are adjustable too, so you can easily adjust the level and intensity of your workout as you wish.​

I must say that out of all the attachments I have tested, my favorite ones are the silicone attachments which are usually in the shape of an egg-like shape.​ Their texture is really soft and they help increase the pleasure during pumping sessions.​ Plus, they don’t create uncomfortable suction, which is a great plus.​

I also really enjoy the vacuums that some penis pumps offer as attachments.​ They provide a perfect seal and they can be used to increase the intensity of your pumping session, specially if you’re trying to reach a specific size or shape in a matter of weeks.​

And then there are the pistons.​ They are great if you are looking for a more intense pumping session.​ You can easily adjust the level depending on what are the options for penis pump through medicare you need and they work great when doing vacuum cycling.​

The gaskets are also really cool.​ They normally function as a kind of shield that your penis sits in, i can’t cum masturbating male helping to prevent any kind of damage coming from the pump.​ They also help provide a better seal, so the pump can be more effective.​

Just the other day I was talking to my friend who had recently bought a penis pump and he said that all the attachments had totally changed his experience for the better.​ He said it was like he was a new man, with a body full of confidence and strength.​

And that’s really what this is all about, isn’t it – being the best version of yourself, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation.​ So if you’re looking to enhance the pleasure and performance of your penis pump, attachments are definitely worth looking into!

So, next time you’re shopping for a penis pump, make sure you check the attachments section as well.​ You might find something totally unique that’ll take your experience to the next level!