pornhub penis pump

China Adult Products Silicone Toys Little Girls Mini Flat Chest Sex Doll - China Adult Toys and ...My friend and I were talking about sex toys the other day and he mentioned a penis pump.​ After a bit of research I discovered Pornhub has a version of it.​ I must admit it wasn’t the first place I expected to find a penis pump!

I remember thinking, there must be a better way to do this.​ But then I took a look at Pornhub’s penis pump and it actually looked really professional.​ It’s got suction cups and adjustable rods for a better fit and stronger suction.​

What really grabbed me though was that this pump had air pressure and targeted vibration to help increase size and strength.​ I knew people said that penis pumps are good for enhancing pleasure during sex toys, but the vibration and air pressure made me really curious.​

So I gave it a try – and wow! The sensation was amazing! I felt such intense pleasure and it increased with each pump.​ After a few minutes, I felt a cool, tingling sensation that felt like when you’ve had a really good workout.​

That cool feeling soon gave way to an incredible sensation of pleasure.​ It was like experiencing pleasure at a level I’d never experienced before.​ I felt erogenous zones that I never knew existed in my body.​ It was absolutely incredible.​

My arousal was intense and it took me to places I never knew existed.​ When I finished pumping, I felt completely satisfied and could still feel the intense pleasure radiating through my body.​

I can honestly say that the Pornhub penis pump exceeded my expectations for a sex toy.​ It’s strong, well-made and gives me incredible pleasure.​ Honestly, I’ve never felt anything like it!

I would highly recommend this sex toy.​ Using it gave me an incredibly unique experience that I never could’ve imagined.​ It increased my pleasure tenfold and I can still feel the aftershocks! The air pressure and vibration settings give you just enough control to find new ways of pleasure.​

Speaking of pleasure, I’ve also been experimenting with different lubes and creams.​ Using different lubes and creams while pumping can really take your experience to the next level.​ I’ve found that warming and tingling lubes are especially effective.​

What’s more, I’ve discovered that I can adjust the suction strength and move the rods so their pressure points hit erogenous zones.​ This creates an intense full body feeling – like a powerful massage.​

It’s been a great experience and I’m still discovering new ways to enjoy the Pornhub penis pump.​ I would recommend trying different techniques and lubes for an even more intense experience.​

I’ve also tried using the pump with a partner.​ The sensation of my partner’s touch and the pleasure from the pump was beyond anything I had imagined.​ It was like a dream come true – a full body massage with intense pleasure.​

Finally, the penis pump is also great for solo play – it gives me absolute control over my pleasure.​ It’s quite thrilling to be able to explore my body and find ways to improve my pleasure.​ The sensations that the pump gives me vary depending on the settings and technique, so there’s always something new to try.​

I’m really glad I tried Pornhub’s penis pump.​ It’s given me a fantastic experience that I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t tried it myself.​ The pump is incredibly well-made, comfortable and allows for amazing pleasure when used alone or with a partner.​