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Crystal Jellies Classic Dong 8 Inch – Pink

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Crystal jellie mixed with a classic 8 inch dong makes great toy for a woman with style. It is a biological fact that the human penis when fully anchored to the human crotch imposes certain limitations upon a woman's sexual pleasure that the silicone dildo does not. A real penis can't be radically flipped upside down without necessitating a trip to the hospital for the man whose body it is or was attached to. There is also the matter of hardness: the male penis isn't always hard when a woman wants it hard, nor for as long as she might desire. And finally, a penis is not like a car that you can trade in every couple of year. Even if her spouse's penis might not be the best size and shape to fit her psyche or anatomy, a married woman is pretty well glued to it till death or divorce does them part. Fortunately a woman need not ditch the man she loves just because she prefers a fuller fitting penis. She can purchase a dildo instead. May be used like a penis during masturbation or couple play. They can be stroked and rubbed all over the body particularly against the vulva and clitoris.

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