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Extra Long Mink Tail Metal Anal Plug Black

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Extra Long Mink Tail Metal Anal Plug Impress your lover with your fluffy, black tail, as pure as snow! Let out the wild animal within with a long, luxurious tail plug. Savor the sensation of cool, hard metal inside you as the weight of the tail creates a delightful, heavy fullness. The petite plug is smooth and easy to insert, making it perfect for even beginners to anal play. You will love the soft, sensual sensation of the tail as it brushes against the backs of your legs, and your lover will be turned on as you crawl around at their feet. Show them what a well behaved pet you are! <br /><br />Made of aluminum, this plug is non-porous and phthalate free, making it easy to sanitize with mild soap and water and compatible with all types of lubricants. Measurements: 33 inches in total length. Plug length is 3.25 inches, 3 inches insertion length, 1.5 inches in diameter. Materials Aluminum butt plug, faux fur tail. Color Black tail, Silver butt plug. Shipping Weight: 0.59 pound. Brand Tailz.

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