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Master Series Fever Black Hot Wax Candle

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Master Series Fever Black Hot Wax Candle from XR Brands. Feel the fever heat of hot wax play with this Red Candle. The low melting point of this paraffin wax candle keeps the melted wax from getting too hot for your subs flesh, while the lightly scented formula prevents any overpowering aromas from ruining your scene. Be sure to leave a generous amount of distance between your lover's flesh and the burning wick to allow the falling wax some time to cool before coming in contact with their skin. Combine this candle with other BDSM accessories like blindfolds, restraints and gags for a genuine dungeon experience! Measurements 2 inches in length, 2.6 inches in width, 2.6 inches in height. Materials: Paraffin Wax, Tins. Color Black. Note: Paraffin wax melting temperature 122 degrees Farenheit, 50 degrees Celsius. Key features Drip Hot Black Love glaze your partner with gobs of red hot sensation! A BDSM classic built for heated sensation to make your partner squirm under the heat for your enjoyment. Low melting point: melts at a tolerable 122 degrees Farenheit to prevent discomfort; drip from at least 1 foot away to allow the wax to cool as it falls. Mildly scented. Formulated with a mild scent so you can play without an over powering aroma to distract you. Tin case container. The thin tin case makes it easy for you to judge the temperature of the melted wax so you can drip when you think the heat is just right.

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