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<p>Natural Contours&reg; is proud to introduce the &Eacute;NERGIE&trade;. The perfect weight resistance trainer for the pelvic floor muscle, it is sleek, effective, and ergonomically shaped for ultimate comfort.</p><p>Now more than ever women are seeking a long and fulfilling active sexual life. As was discovered by Dr. Arnold Kegel in his early work in the 1940's, a toned PC (short for pubococcygeus) muscle is important for pleasurable feelings and can lead to stronger orgasms. Childbirth and natural aging can weaken the PC muscle, situated at the pelvic floor, causing incontinence and a loss of pleasurable feelings, even orgasm. Exercising this muscle tones and strengthens it, helping to prevent urinary incontinence. The most effective way to strengthen a muscle is by weight resistance training. This involves exercising the muscle against a resistance. Using the &Eacute;NERGIE&trade; Kegel exerciser will provide a safe and pleasurable way to maintain and tone your PC muscle before and after childbirth as well as after menopause.</p><p>Dimensions:</p><p>&nbsp;</p><ul><li>6 1/2" long and from 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" wide.</li><li>Approximately one pound.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p>

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