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Spread The Love Bar 15 Inch Black

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<em> 2012 XBIZ Award Winner – Marketing Campaign of the Year </em> <br /> The Sex and Mischief Spread the Love Bar will have your lover bending over backwards for some intimate fun! The Spread the Love Bar offers four comfortable and adjustable cuffs attached to a rigid nylon-covered 15 inch spreader bar. It is perfect for multiple positions. Use the bar to easily secure your partner in just seconds. Nothing bonds a couple like bondage! <br /> <br /> Spending the Night In. <br /> Between work, shopping, friends, family and various errands she was constantly on the go. I had started griping she was always running off when we could be spending time together. She obviously picked up on my concerns because when I came home that night, there she was in bed, covers pulled up to reveal the brand new teddy she was wearing. &ldquo;So does this mean you&rsquo;re in for the night,&rdquo; I asked with a smile. She threw off the covers and revealed the neoprene bar cuffed to her ankles. &ldquo;Does this answer your question,&rdquo; she demurred.

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