sex doll price in pakistan

I was talking to my friend recently about the high price of sex dolls in Pakistan. She was really astonished with the prices and it was quite a surprise to both of us. We talked about how it’s such a shame that there’s such an industry in the country for adult products.

I recently did some research and realized that the price range of a sex doll in Pakistan can range from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 150000 for high end models and accessories. Despite this, there are some cheaper options that cost around Rs. 3000 or so.

We were soon discussing what made the prices so high and realized that due to the sheer quality of the dolls, which is of precision molded material that is soft yet strong, heat sensitive, waterproof and non-toxic, makes it durable and comfortable for use. It also contains detailed details such as facial features that are so close to a real human face.

However, we felt like the market is just too expensive to be reasonable. After some more digging, I realized that the real issue here is the tax structure and the import policy, which makes the prices really unpredictable and expensive. It’s really hard to find good quality accessories and parts for the dolls too, which makes them really pricey.

We then checked out the internet to figure out deals and discounts for the dolls, but to no avail as the cost was still too high. To ease the burden, there’s always the option of finding a reliable third party to get the best quality and lowest prices possible. Not to mention, people often overlook the fact that proper care and maintenance of the dolls can help you get maximum mileage from them.

Lastly, we talked about how the prices for such products have always been quite expensive, and how without proper regulations, the prices will continue to skyrocket. In the end, we concluded that it’s really important for people to exercise caution when it comes to buying such products, and only buying from reliable sources.

Since then I have done much more research on sex dolls in the country and what I have learned is even more shocking. For starters, vibrators the demand for sex dolls in Pakistan is really coming from high-end hotels and massive corporations that are importing expensive realistic models for entertainment purposes. There are also some companies who are getting legally certified sex dolls that are imported from China for exorbitant prices which range up to $5000 or more.

Another interesting thing I learned about sex dolls is that there are actual life-size dolls that are being sold in the country, most of which are purchased by rich Arabs and sex dolls millionaires for sexual purposes, entertainment, or companionship. The prices range from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 80000, depending on the size and material.

I also discovered that there are a lot of underground workshops across the country that specialize in making custom dolls that look quite realistic, which cost considerably less than life size dolls. It seems like there’s no end to the versatility of customizations and accessories for the dolls.

I was also quite surprised to learn about how body modifications are also available for the dolls, such as height, plumpness, head structure, colored eyes and so on. Some of the manufacturers also offer extra services in the form of wig and clothing addition.

Talking about clothes and accessories, even these can be surprisingly expensive. For example, some of the lingerie pieces can cost up to Rs. 10000 and more. The prices for accessories also depend on the material they are made of, such as silicone, vinyl, or TPE.

Apart from the prices, something that fascinated me was the types of sex dolls available. Constrictions range from saucy nurse to exotic tourist, companion to playmate. It seems like the only limit for sex doll types and models in Pakistan is the imagination.

Another interesting thing I learned was about the approximate lifespan of a sex doll. Generally, a well maintained doll can stay in tip top shape for up to 4 years, or sometimes even more. One must still remember to take care of the doll by keeping it clean, stored well, and protected from extreme temperatures.

Lastly, I learned about how some of the cheaper dolls tend to break down after a few uses, due to their poor manufacturing. Even worse, some companies are only after making some quick money and selling knockoff models. This is why, it’s always important to do research on the manufacturer you are buying from and the materials the doll is made of.