Tina Vagina and Anal Masturbator


❤ PERFECT SIZE -Perfect size and design for the most lifelike experience possible.

❤ BOOTY STYLE – Most men’s favorite sex position is ‘Doggy style’,this pussy anal ass sex toy will provide you most realistic sex pleasure. 3D realistic soft touch design and lifelike vulva/labia and anus, bringing the perfect orgasm you always long for.

❤ TWO HOLE DESIGN – Pussy and anal male masturbator in one. Plump round ass,Soft touch,comfortable holding.Super realistic outside and inside. 3D textured and ribbed tunnel stimulation on the dick with each thrusting.brings you the marvelous sexual experience.

❤ Healthy Material & EASY CLEAN – Made of medical TPE, free of latex and phthalate. Soft and easy to clean, Compatible with both water based and silicone based lubricants.

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Realistic And Life Size Dolls Bring Your Fantastic Pleasure

This amazing toy is one of the most realistic dolls available. Everything from her defined musculature to her silly smooth skin feels,just like the real thing. Her inviting vaginal and anal holes lead to a finely-textured canal that grips and slips around you with every thrust, massaging you to a hard orgasm.
Slide into a delightfully tight vagina and discover a textured inner canal to caress your length.
Push yourself into the inviting anus and experiment with the varying pleasure-ribs inside.
Fantasies come true with this ultra-realistic sex doll.

Why choose DIGGLOVE Tina pussy ass doll?
This Vagina Butt has two different channels and the two tunnel are separate. You can enjoy more and perfectly fulfill your own freaky fantasy with tight vagina, pink and magical.With Irregular convex inner particles ,Fine-grained structure, and irregular gutter will give you the best feeling in the world.The interior 3D structure with large and small nubs is most suitable for men.

It Copies from a real women, The material feels like real skin – soft and stretchy – feels good on your cock. Safe to use every time. It can use as a trainer to improve your skills. When your girlfriend is not around, she will comfort you.

The material is of medical TPE, free of latex and phthalate.Velvety, smooth and perfectly formed, it also extremely stretchy,soft and easy to clean. Compatible with both water based and silicone based lubricants, that would be better for your Male Masturbation experience.And can be completely waterproof for underwater play.

Discreet Package
100% discreet. We will have a dedicated sealed bag, unmarked packaging, confidential delivery, express orders without leaving any sensitive words.

Name: Male masturbation doll
Materials: Medical TPE
Size: 8.7*8.3*4.5 inch
Net weight: 5.5 lbs

How to Clean

* When cleaning the product, slightly open the inlets and let water rinse into the channels, then pour the water out.
* For a deep clean-up, wash with shower gel, hand sanitizer or soap. And cleaning with a finger’s agitation can achieve a better result.
* Washing with hot water and cleaning in a overturned way should NEVER be allowed, so as to maintain the elasticity and avoid any damages to the inlets.

Additional information

Weight2.7 kg
Dimensions23 × 25 × 15 in


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